Dark Days Dawning

Hello my name is Connor & I am request for DMCA approval from Marilyn Manson song “Coma White” use in a story-video. It’s an industry hype marketing & generational culture digital art interpretation of my personal life & the world I see in society here in Vancouver British Columbia Canada regarding the pandemic of nazi activity & abuse of my generation & our culture byway of segregation, discrimination, counterintelligence, duress cohesion, sadistic roll play of domination submissive “authority figure” / “Master & Servant” supremacist nazi activity stemming from the profiteering narcissistic megalomaniacs who weaponized terms like “concern” & have personally disorders who want to manipulate & control others by the sadist roll play of “care giver / by proxy” due to an Electra complex of matricidal rape victim revenge resulting in tyranny & cultural neo-socialism snob rule by these germaphobic Münchausen hypochondriacs who are addicted to the cycle of abuse & power trip rush of adrenaline as a result of their domestic & civil assaults against youth culture & dictatorship abuse trauma minorities are programmed from their culture they tried evading & it’s social & cultural divide between people who have language barrier & political brainwashing resulting in a world wide genocide from extracellular matrix destruction from the immune system becoming to strong from an over flux of vaccine induced neutrophil elastase degranulation macrophages own personal body damage lapses the rate of recovery from previous vaccine induction by the stem cell production & Trychrocytes, Lymphocytes, Erythrocytes, Megakaryocytes, Reticulocytes process order of establishment within the cell production. So.. we have enjoyed LSD & can see through time & entertainment is the showable theatre of our art & express the message different in every aspect & my generation & culture relates to your music as I am a fan & wanted to use this track & ask if you mind my fare-use? Because essentially I just wanted to cross promote embedded market everything I like just to get a message across to my generation & culture before we’re all completely dead.. though LSD is the blood of the acidophile life form from the alien intelligence of the acidic environment high temperature planets lifeforms “DNA” in regards to the neutrophile bacterial infectious virus Amino counterpart in dominating brain chemistry akin to serotonin & dopamine & alkaline endorphins responding DMT awareness aversion of awareness of frequency brainwave conduction ESP super verse inversion photon spectrum unseen by the human preceptors.

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