Radioactive Reports 2019 Anti-Socialites Universe Media Year’s End Summary.


What a year it’s been for events, concerts, shows and festivals here in Vancouver that have been brought to you by the local production companies and promoters like Magnetized Management, Invisible Orange, Norah Holby, Modified Ghost, Coffin Party Productions, MIU Productions, Journeyman Productions, Live Nation, Findagig, Voxx Promotions & all the agency’s / management that work with Vancouver’s music talent. Have been all working very hard to bring you the best in entertainment our city has to offer.

Our local music industry hasn’t been commercialized like our neighbors to the south yet (L.A. & Seattle). Because American branding through media promotions and productivity has kept our attention on them.

I know personally from a media circuit firm in Chicago ( ) that they are very curious as to who is in Vancouver and what we are doing.

The year started off with a bang. Modified Ghost kept the crowds fury going with the wickedest metal line up Vancouver’s Rickshaw Theater has seen all year.

Then my old buddy from Port Coquitlam Matt Good comes out from hiding after his last public show in New Westminster at the ‘Recovery Daycharity event and dose an acoustic appearance at the Vogue Theater.

The year was just starting, spring had just begun. All the big events were on their way. Iron Maiden was coming in September. A band that has reached further than time with their widely popular influential melodies.

#PowerClown #MetalBoatIV2019

Everyone loves Iron Maiden. I seen a couple local Iron Maiden tribute bands this year and they all had amazing energy and enthusiasm.

“Tribute bands don’t get the same level of respect & recognition as the other acts that are original because they have no musical material to market other than their performance, energy & skill.”


To be an artist a true artist, there can be no other jobs or income that isn’t related to being an artist.

That’s why there are so many starving artist in this business. There is no kings commission for someone to devote their entirety to the business unless you get picked up by a huge label as a commodity.

The absolute highlight of my entire summer was Invisible Orange’s Metal Boat IV on the Arbutus III in Vancouver Harbour in September. It started with Dayglo Abortions, West of Hell & then Power Clown. Unfortunately Power Clown was cut short and only played 17 & 1/2 minutes. Dicksee Diànno wasn’t impressed because they didn’t get to play their entire set.

#LordeHeathen #WestOfHell #Val

But West of Hell ran a tidal wave of the best local independent underground metal that would definitely play & Roger’s arena would definitely be at capacity for.


Things rolled along into October then Steve Riccardo left Dark Originn to go on to his own interests right before Halloween leaving the band Dark Originn in a dark place.

#WitchSlap #DarkOriginn

Then i was at SBC – SMILING BUDDAH CABARET for Saints of Death on Halloween celebrations Friday. First Band up Badfist had technical problems. A tube blew out on the amp-head and Krypteia made up for it with a huge stage presence then Blacked Out followed immediately after with a technically driven style played with flare & Showmanship.

The entire night was surreal. When Saints of Death played and i felt like i was on another planet and in the future of a nuclear wasteland. I was blown away. Truly Legendary Icons.

ColdWeld lost their Bass player Eric to mental illness. The tension built up for 3 weeks after an argument insued during a practice. Eric terminated their website and erased their 1k+ subscription YouTube channel right after 3 music videos were commissioned from and uploaded to their YouTube channel.

#AutoPilot #Coldweld

Prior there was an issue with Bill Byers feeling proud to be heterosexual on Facebook. Door manager Wendy from Pat’s Pub & Brewhouse was offended. Quite Rightfully Coffin Party Productions wants nothing to do with that kind of drama.

And is the reason why ColdWeld was off the bill for that night’s production even though Michael Savoie had originally gotten the night’s bookings for the house for Coffin Party Productions through Wendy.

Kat Bastow put on an amazing performance before Borg Queen Music came on for Jenny Kirby’s Birthday Celebration & Joey Chaos and the Ghosts ended the night on a fever pitch.

#Sexorcisim #BorgQueenMusic

Following that weekend Brains Defosse and the Gnar Gnars came from over on the island in Victoria to do the second to last show here in Vancouver before Gnar Years Celebrations event in Winnipeg Saskatchewan.

The night was crazy. Someone had an anaphylactic seizure suspect of substance use in the crowd that night and was helped immediately by fellow patrons and Staff.

#RebelYell #TheGnarGnars

NeverAnother released some amazing music just recently and has commissioned a 4 music video contract with broadcast media boost from Anti-Socialites Universe Media

The World Famous CFOX 99.3 FM Put on it’s 32nd annual Santa Fox charity Food Drive with Global Television at the North East entrance of the Coquitlam Center Shopping Mall Friday December 6th wrapping up the year with the festive season.

There are so many acts I didn’t have a chance to mention that I captured this year on one of my many cameras.

But that’s why this is a summary and not a novel about the year that was 2019 in reviewal.

So, saying; have a wicked New Year and i hope to see everyone again next time at our local Venues right here in our wild local home of Vancouver British Columbia.


Until the next time … Take it sleazy & stay frosty Vancouver.

For Radioactive Reports this is #AgentOrange604

“If you don’t see the sun, it doesn’t mean it’s not day time”.

“The coffee is always darker before the sun comes up.”