The Jam Factory is a Scam Factory update.

On May 30th 2019 In Port Coquitlam at the Jam Factory Studio on 1780 McLean ave Port Coquitlam. Studio manager and recording engineer Roger Mowat accepted $7,000 from recording artist / videographer Connor William Sloane Keiller for 10 months studio space lease for his business’s photo studio (AntiSocialites Photography). When given the keys to the studio Roger Mowat showed Connor William Sloane Keiller a room upstairs saying he (Roger) still had to clear out some things. Connor States… “Roger then pulled out a crack pipe and began to smoke on it in front of Me and offered a hit of crack to Me. I asked for my money back and he said ‘a deal was a deal’. Roger insisted that he needed the money upfront for his mother’s eye surgery and that B.C. Medical would not cover it.” Then the keys were then lost at the Coquitlam center mall days later after Connor received them. They were recovered by security and returned to police. In that time Roger Mowat contacted Connor 5 times to come over for access to the studio in the month of June. Roger was never on time to meet for access nor would he answer phone calls leaving Connor to wait at the Cat and Fiddle pub until Connor would see Roger outside the Jam Factory across from the pub from the patio.

As well as $1,500 for the mastering of 11 songs recorded and fully paid for at the Jam Factory over 4 years (Since last release in 2015) was not received by Connor. Roger Mowat had received payment in full for both room and recording/ mastering of production. Roger had said he was changing the rooms to a room downstairs and wanted the keys back then never returned a call keeping an estimated $20,000 in vintage and collectors studio and music equipment that is owned by Connor William Sloane Keiller. As well, Roger Mowat is not giving the album that was paid for by Connor William Sloane Keiller at $500 a month over the past 4 years (4x12x$500 =$24,000) that was recorded at the Jam Factory Studio by Roger Mowat.

When Roger Mowat was spotted a block away from Connor William Sloane Keiller’s home he was yelling saying that Connor threaten him by saying he and his girlfriend Alice would go to the police about the thefts and 10 months paid for studio room and was construed by Roger as a threat. An hour later Connor noticed his car was vandalized, assumably by Roger Mowat who was hot tempered and with motive as well as being in proximity to the vehicle and home at the time.

The rented room money (7,000) was stolen by Roger Mowat is being pursued in legal action by Connor William Sloane Keiller, suing for loss of revenue in regards to the film production business that was to be at the Jam Factory studio and Connor’s recorded production as well as the stolen money from the rental space and withheld standing productions that had not been mastered yet.

December 1st 2019 at the Jam Factory studio Roger Mowat finally allowed Connor William Sloane Keiller to have most of the equipment back. Roger Mowat was terrified because he was called out on being a thief and feared physically repercussions because that is exactly what Roger would do if it happened to him.

Roger Mowat has been telling lies about Connor saying to the grips Connor had move his equipment that Connor is a Schizophrenic and violent. Roger is actually the deranged and violent one because he likes to fight. He has fought in martial arts and has gotten into trouble with the law and cannot enter the U.S.A. because of his past. Connor has never been in a fight or ever charged with assault or any criminal activity unlike Roger who is trying to defamate Connor’s name and credibility so Roger could get away with this very apparent crime of theft.

For Radioactive Reports

— #AgentOrange604

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