Dark Origin fell on Dark Days.

Last show for Steve Ricardo, lead guitarist leaves band on the rise.

This weeks local music scene Vancouver’s #TopBuzz is that Steve Ricardo of Bonnie Scott, and Dark Origin is playing his last performance with Dark Origin Saturday night in Haney, Maple Ridge at The Wolf. Catch them live together for the last time on the 12th of this October doors at 8pm, no minors 18 +

The reasons that lead up to this change in the band for Steve to decide to leave was conflicts in direction of the project. There wasn’t a united effort in marketing of the band from all the members. If you ever seen the video advertisements on facebook or social media you seen who was doing it. The t-shirts and Dark Origin music videos… you may or may not know credit goes to only one member. I have seen this in so many acts and it usually ends the same. Professionalism vs raw rebellion… you need both to make it as a renegade artist who is using their voice, vision and image to reach people and connect with them.

Steve has a new project he needs to do as an artist. He poured his blood, sweat and tears into the success of Dark Origin and now he feels it’s time he does something for himself, he earned it. With true artists, inspiration is fickle. You need to feel what is right. We are all walking blind when we discover a new fascination… then it’s all we can see. Steve was done with Dark Origin. What his personality and character really is, is “heavy southern rock” a direct quote from the man himself because that is what his vision is for his for his own personal career as a focused professional act / musician in the Vancouver metal music scenes.

– RadioActive Reports, #AgentOrange604



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3 thoughts on “Dark Origin fell on Dark Days.”

  1. Interesting story. That’s the 4th reason I’ve heard for Steve leaving the band. And it’s no where close to the actual message sent.


    1. Hello Suzanne, I was just reporting what Steve told me that day. Quotes directly from his mouth, he wants to do hard southern rock. He wasn’t taking credit for all the advertising, that was pointed out by close sources. They pointed out he made the videos, T-Shirts and video advertising on social media. He is just doing what artists do and that’s following his heart in the scape of his art. Inspiration cannot be forced. Steve approved this Media report the night before his last show, and his last show with Dark Originn was amazing. It was explosive and electric with a slightly more of an edge than usual performance. No hard feelings that night, it was a transitional event. Both party embarking upon new vistas.


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